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Jilin province environmental protection bureau LCD splicing wall system solutions

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With the rapid development of economy, environmental problems are more and more serious, so in order to improve the environmental problems, environmental work is urgently needed, so in jilin province gongzhuling city environmental protection bureau in order to ensure environmental supervision, contact the LCD splicing display manufacturer in shenzhen shunda LCD splicing wall science and technology cooperation projects, provide good protection for environmental monitoring.

Liquid crystal splicing wall system demand in detail
In jilin province gongzhuling epa monitoring center LCD splicing screen display system, is the need for the city's key enterprises river drainage area, the key pollution and drinking water sources such as real-time monitoring of environmental information.Should be displayed LCD splicing wall video monitoring terminal can monitor to some easy to form the situation of the environmental pollution, white pollution, and some significant emergency environmental accidents can be forecast in advance.

The LCD splicing wall solution characteristics
This scheme mainly use of 50 inch ultra narrow edge LCD splicing screen high definition, high color saturation, high contrast and other advantages, adopt shunda RongGaoDuan external processor, all need direct access to the external processor matrix switching signal.Implementation of nearly 180 ° super wide Angle bring extremely broad field of vision, with a larger perspective and faster response time, greatly increases the effective display area to monitor screen meet the demand of the user to monitor.
50 inch ultra narrow side LCD splicing screen with high resolution of 1920 x 1080, 700 CD/m2 high brightness, 3000:1 178 degrees high contrast, wide view, support full 1080 p hd video shows excellent performance, high quality display;LED backlight design, LED back light has a life expectancy, low power consumption, the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection.

With toughened glass cover to avoid collision fragile LCD glass, the science of the cooling system design, built-in alarm temperature control module, make the product stable running safety, compressive explosion-proof, can avoid the user accidentally damage screen;Interface more rich, thin narrow edge design, stable performance and life of 100000 hours!Meet the 7 * 24 hours continuous stable work, easy to use, improve the working efficiency, but also the cost of late less manpower and material resources.

LCD splicing wall system function
Realize single LCD splicing wall the whole screen, provide a powerful image storage function, and can store dozens of road image storage function.Video can be in accordance with the time, place, and alarm type query and playback.
Support multiple images (16) or full screen, screen according to gate station location any grouping.
Provide a distributed image management capabilities for large-scale systems, the user can be images are stored in different servers, and provide the unified management functions.

The LCD splicing wall rendering system

The epa LCD splicing wall installation rendering

The epa project is to use 3 x3 splicing screen splicing installation and machine cabinet stent, the project of shenzhen shunda LTD customer given fully affirmed and highly appraised.At present shenzhen shunda glory technology co., LTD., variety complete LCD screen has been widely used in many industry, has won a good reputation in the market.

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