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Kaldi rich 46-inch samsung thin side LCD splicing screen is used to show curtain wall solution

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Description of project
As people life level of ascension, and also improved quality of life of the masses.Intelligent pension, is a newly popular a new type of pension service model, reflects the people's requirement for high quality of life an attitude.Liquid crystal splicing screen as a commercial display screen splicing system, as the video intelligent linkage in intelligent pension program.Recently, his rich science and technology as a network of shenzhen media co., LTD. Intelligent pension program installed a 46-inch samsung ultra-thin LCD splicing screen, the LCD splicing time as the company's main intelligent endowment video display screen applications, intelligent optimization is to improve company management ability on one hand, on the other hand can fully demonstrate the high quality for the old service resources, to achieve the old service, information gathering and elderly life needs the effect of the "one-stop" solution.

Second, the demand analysis
Aiming at the need of construction safety civilization intelligent pension management and LCD splicing display screen is the first to reach for the elderly living intelligent management for the purpose.This demand for LCD splicing display screen with automatic monitoring management functions, and the system of safety management and performance reliable durable requirements are very high.In addition, without reducing the service quality even under the premise of improving service quality, to minimize operating costs, will undoubtedly is a development of the company to promote. Important is also can ensure that the old man have actual needs can provide timely service.Therefore, his rich science and technology as the intelligent pension program selected the excellent performance advantages of 46 inch LCD splicing screen as the final Mosaic screen display system.

Three, system composition
The LCD splicing screen display system is provided by his rich splicing of 46 inches of liquid crystal screen adopt the way of 2 * 2 units together, using machine cabinet installation.The system also equipped with the work station monitor, with a large screen monitor information output to more effective management of the elderly life.Because of the safety problems of old people is a very big problem for managers, with a work station monitor, positioning, tracking, monitoring, alarm, and other functions into an organic whole, can be solved effectively and improve all kinds of security problems.In addition, the system adopts the VGA signal to transmit ultra clear screen images, can fundamentally to ensure all the input signal source for the real-time processing and data consistency, the image is clear, colorful.

Fourth, system advantage
The set of a 46-inch samsung ultrathin liquid crystal splicing screen has a 5.5 mm ultra narrow while flat-fell seam, adopt unique to samsung DID LCD, LED backlight technology, according to 3500:1 high contrast, 1920 * 1080 high-definition image display, and is a metal shielding institution, can prevent outside electromagnetic interference, no radiation.Characteristics of these advantages in display applications, display screen hd, watch for a long time there will be no visual discomfort.On the monitor screen information function display, high-definition image quality can make managers to catch every detail, fully implement effective management.

five, project rendering

six, project summary
Kaldi rich LCD splicing screen in the intelligent endowment project is completed, marked the LCD splicing screen to expand without being limited by the industry, not only in the field of application with more strengthen depth of informationization, people demand for all kinds of information system applications will increasingly extensive, high-definition LCD splicing time the application of intelligent will also be increased, while his rich science and technology will be through continuous splicing technology, products and services, and to optimize all kinds of liquid crystal splicing screen solutions such as the ability of the multi-dimensional, constantly win a wider application market.

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