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KTV bar night special LCD splicing screen solution

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With many entertainment places are a big screen HD dazzling screen, so the LCD splicing screen in the KTV bar and other places have been very common, not only its fashion beautiful shape and energy saving features, in fact, compared to traditional TV wall, LCD splicing screen using backlight in the price is the same, so most of the KTV bar would rather choose LCD splicing screen.
     KTV bar with LCD splicing screen has two roles, one, large screen display; Second, the monitoring terminal display. So, in the KTV bar night special Shunda Rong did not recommend high-brightness LCD splicing screen, so that a bar in Shenzhen, Shunda Wing KTV bar night professional LCD splicing screen program.

    Shunda Rong KTV night bar analysis of the LCD screen splicing needs
    First, the choice of mosaic screen needs
     Some bars on the screen to display the entire screen does not require high, allowing a certain splicing gap, you can use the wide edge seam LCD splicing. Of course, some of the bar to pursue the whole screen to show the shock effect, we can use our narrow LCD splicing screen, each stitching unit between the patchwork is only 5.3 mm, this range in line with the human visual perception principle, will not affect Viewing effect.
    50-inch 5.3mm LCD splicing screen product specifications
     1. New imported industrial highlight DID LCD screen
     2. Signal recognition: PAL / NTSC automatic identification display
     3. Integrated multi-channel video signal source: HDMI, DVI, VGA, composite video; composite video loop amplification output;
     4. Full hardware architecture, no CPU and operating system, no risk of virus infection, security is good
     5. Multi-bus parallel processing, processing powerful

     6. RS-232 serial port remote control: each unit supports two RS-232 loop out, real-time control, no delay



Second, on-site installation requirements
Generally only need to splice into a large screen, or the same combination of different stitching, does not require a variety of different signals at the same time display, and window control and other complex fancy unpractical features; often also need to bar on the different mosaic wall site Linkage, while displaying the wall of a line / column screen, or need the system to automatically run a different display mode. Before to achieve a more dynamic, modern display.
KTV bar for 3 * 4 LCD splicing screen program
1. Any combination of screen (3x4), support the mix of magic stitching
2. Multi-screen stitching to meet the special needs of the bar crazy rough outline and a sense of perfect integration with the atmosphere
3. Automatic synchronization adjustment technology to solve the conventional player to play dynamic images are not synchronized phenomenon, so that the screen without delay, no tailing, real-time, natural and smooth
4. Support frame compensation function: built-in frame compensation function, completely eliminate the problems caused by the physical patchwork, the natural transition of the image, showing a perfect splicing effect
5. Intelligent temperature control: motherboard built-in temperature control system, industrial-grade fan design standards, ultra-quiet cooling fan design, the whole longer life;
6. Structural design for wall-mounted, lifting installation, quick and easy installation
7. Sheet metal structure, good anti-electromagnetic interference
LCD splicing screen is not only applied in KTV bar, but also used in security monitoring, stock exchange, traffic control center, broadcasting system, military, city square, shopping places, banks, schools and special environment. Shenzhen Shunda Wing innovative products to meet customer self-service application needs. From the project (product) consulting, product design, hardware and software solutions to systems integration, after-sales service, the company provides full technical support and services.

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