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A club LCD wall solution

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Chongqing city in sichuan province one club in entertainment and bar for the integration of entertainment establishments, because of the club, so very the attention on the LCD splicing screen display effect, the joining together of big TV wall is dynamic and dynamic field of modern special display effect is given priority to, the LCD splicing led display can well meet the requirements of class club bar.
Shenzhen shunda glory in a club in chongqing on the display wall solution by far the most popular LED high-definition LCD splicing screen, as well as the LCD splicing technology control, image processing technology, multi-channel signal switching technology, network technology, such as formation of high brightness, high resolution, good view, simple and effective operation of large screen display system.

Liquid crystal display wall solution
1 and the parameters of the equipment
The 9 pieces of 46 inch ultra narrow edge Led LCD splicing screen of seamless LCD wall;
Splicing gap: 5.3 mm
Brightness: 450 CD / ㎡
Resolution: 1366 x768
Perspective: 178/178 degrees Celsius

2, signal processor

VGA signal is used to broadcast, multi-channel signal distributor and signal lines.
3, liquid crystal display wall rendering (3 * 3)
4, the function implementation
1, showing, audio switching function;
More than 2, single screen display switch;

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