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Chongqing soho bar LCD splicing TV wall solution

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Bar is the amateur leisure entertainment, with the improvement of people's appreciation level, the pursuit of good things, not only the pursuit of beautiful large screen, pure color, high rate of display effect, but also is a kind of potential of visual perception.Chongqing soho bar bar so as to promote the class of the bar and environmental effect, choose to use the LCD splicing large screen TV wall to dazzle beautiful, super dynamic effect picture.

The LCD splicing TV wall bardemand
Chongqing soho bar bar project director to contact us, to the project requirements and provide the reference to make a complete set of solutions.Put forward need to be in the lobby bar to the west of installing a large screen TV wall, can reflect the dazzle beautiful and colorful picture, and will be able to show a dynamic as bar music dance, I also want to in the above part of the game to attract watching the World Cup or sports people, let them rest after the work.

Bar LCD splicing TV wall system solutions
A, access control system
LCD splicing wall system is DID3.5 mm narrow edge technology, multiple screen processing, signal switching technology, network technology and application of integrated into an organic whole, forming a high definition, high intelligence, easy operation, quickly concentrated control digital display system.
Through the digital Mosaic wall display system can realize the user application system in the computer signals, video image information, the network workstation information display, forming a set of advanced technology, signal source more centralized control, the management of the large amount of data processing, real-time display accurately control platform.
Second, the large area of high resolution display
Through information collection, transmission, processing showed at an organic whole, with large amount of information, the characteristics of the centralized processing, real-time display, it requires that the splice screen display system to meet at the same time, the multiple applications of real-time display, LCD splicing screen display up to 1366 x N (line), 768 x N (column) of high resolution even higher 1920 x N (line), 1080 x N (column);Display platform meet hd 晣, large areas of fine display.
Three, vivid, flexible display mode
Splice screen display system for centralized, decentralized management display can also be partition.Unified display: full screen can be used as a unified logical screen to form a large desktop, used to display large amount of information of GIS, GPS, user application system, welcome speech, etc.;At the same time, the full screen can be arbitrary multiple functional areas, each functional area according to the applications need to display a variety of signal.Partition is virtual, users in case of application change, simply by using a simple interface Settings to change the screen number of partitions, without a physical change.
Four, stable and secure

Solution at the same time of adopting international advanced technology, strict security and stability in the design of the system performance and process.The system operates completely meet the 7 * 24, 365.In improving the control function of the network, enhance the system control flexibility, security management, design the priority control and access control grade, effectively prevent the illegal operation and wrong operation.

Soho bar bar LCD splicing large screen TV wall rendering

The LCD splicing screen barComposition and specification
Chongqing soho bar bar LCD splicing large screen TV wall select 49 inch LCD splicing screen and use the 3 x3 patchwork Mosaic way
A large screen, LCD splicing
49 inches of liquid crystal display unit 9
Stitching controller VGA into 4 road
VGA matrix switcher into 16 out of 4
Control computer PC at will
Signal lines more than

Second, the LCD splicing screen specifications
Single size: 49 "(diagonal)
One area: 1025.7 x 579.8
Wall thickness: 1025.7 * 579.8 * 100
Single resolution: 1366 x 768
The entire wall resolution (1366 x 3) * (768 x 3) = 4098 * 2304
The base height: the actual height can be determined according to customer's site

Three, bar LCD splicing screen control software
1, based on the TCP/IP network multi-user real-time operation
2, realize the user classification management
3, for a variety of signal source definition, scheduling and management
4, implementation mode combination, edit the definition of arbitrary signal source window
5, custom multiple display mode flexible invocation
6, support more remote control
7, plug-in support hardware equipment control module, can expand system function
8, the resource manager style integration operation interface, provide more good usability.
9, support various control equipment interfaces provide secondary development interface of the control over the system

LCD splice bar screen to install installation requirements 】 【
According to our card, for large splice screen project engineering experience, decorate Suggestions as follows:
1, this project adopts the wall support, selects the stents and hook is also very important
2, regardless of what kind of material use smallpox decoration processing, color white, silver grey or light grey, but should be matte color, surface must not have a strong reflection.
3, wall act the role of board is tonal and lively, with deep lines, proper positions with sound-absorbing material, metope matte.
4, the ground had better use anti-static flooring, carpet, darker, or other not reflective of the ground material.
5, in order to ensure high reliability operation, reduce the happening of the fault, it is recommended that the system USES the voltage regulator power supply (to ensure the good grounding, ac grounding resistance < 3 Ω).Liquid crystal splicing screen each power is 350 w, joining together the controller single power is 800 w, other devices (such as matrix, control PC) power consumption of about 300 w.
6, whole decorate a style is pure and fresh, color slants cold, with simple and lively as well.

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