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Kaldi intelligent community outdoor advertising machine solution

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Wisdom city is making full use of digital and related computer technology and means, related to the development of urban infrastructure and life in all aspects of the content of all aspects of information processing and utilization, with the city geography, resources, ecology, environment, population, economy, society and the complex system of digital network information system of management, service and decision function.

But the core values of the community bearing wisdom city!With systematic modelling element, facilities, family style, make prominent community character of visual identification system, use of outdoor LCD display, digital broadcast images, animation, video and other colorful mass content, reflects the advanced nature of the community publicity column community announcements, and the propaganda of spiritual civilization, life common sense, news and information, weather information, disease prevention knowledge such as close to life, close to the information timely release of the masses, are accepted by the community crowd.Pay the utility bills, social security card information query simple equipment factory through rigorous testing, in the background which can realize real-time monitor equipment operation state, early warning equipment operation failure, equipment failure and fast judgment reason and solve.

Content in streaming media show form, and USES the touch screen drive to interact with people, is the advertising effectiveness maximization Through software background environment monitor system, effective analysis customer group and targeted advertising community electronic bus stop is simple and convenient installation and maintenance, remote information release effectively reduce labor costs

Equipment storage area for residential area, the mall or pedestrian plaza;

All-weather outdoor conditions, direct sunlight to the display area;

Waterproof measures, such as low no awnings pedestrians can direct contact to touch;

Within the scope of low around 1.5 meters for green area, or cell wall.

Shunda rong for the above situation put forward the feasibility plan of science and technology.

Modelling aspect:

32 inch laid-down outdoor LCD + combined light box

42 vertical outdoor LCD

55 inch outdoor LCD askew

When using digital outdoor electronic display screen, broadcast images, animation, video and other colorful mass content, reflect the community propaganda advanced nature;

When playing lively and vivid video content increased a lot of fun, the propaganda we also increase the touch function, interact with the community people and attract people, form effective communication;

Through the intelligent network system, you never leave home the content can be realized in the multiple devices.

Environment monitoring system, real-time control the running status of equipment fault early warning equipment.

Kaldi in recent years, intelligent community outdoor digital signage solutions have been widely applied in cities and communities, community entrances and leisure square layout screen advertising to terminal intercept the target customer, improve their image, increase sales, the effect is remarkable

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